Wolfish Charms from Wolftress

Jul 19th

Did you know that a language dies every 14 days and with it we lose a culture’s collective skills, memories and wisdom’s that have been passed down by elders through generations? Yes, sad but true.

With little actions we can help these ancient communities. This is why I am so happy to introduce you guys to Wolftress, a brand that has touched my heart for their beautiful work of giving back to endangered  cultures by donating 15% of all profits from wolfish charms, so these tribes can keep on with their traditions and way of living. It’s so good to see beautiful souls that actually care about others. Wolftress  is a free-spirited and multi-seasonal fashion label that enables you to experience unique worlds beyond your everyday reach. They are travelers, storytellers and designers that wander these lands in search of unique crafts.

And here are my wolfish charms. The white one is the moonlight unity wrap and the other one is the moonlight guardian chains. As you can see, I figured out many ways to wear it! Pretty cool!