Our New Look!

Jul 28th

Hi flowers!

So I told you that we were working really hard on getting a new look for the blog and I am so happy and proud to finally be able to show it to you. Yayyy!! As you can see, it’s still very “Forever Boho” only prettier, easier to use and it has some new features too.  The first one that I want to talk about is my new navigation bar which is on top of this page. There we have tags for Blog page, Contact, Editorials and the most exciting one, my Boho Looks; now you can see all of my looks in just a few pages and click on each photo to make it bigger or if you want to see more pictures of that look. Awesome right?! Another thing that changed is that our pictures got bigger which is another plus and you can hit the “Pin it” button right there on the picture. Also now we are responsive to smart phones and tablets, which means that when you access the blog from your mobile, everything will fit perfectly and it will be easier for you to get around.  So that’s pretty much it… for now. Yes, thats right I have more exciting news coming up very soon!!!! Hope you like our new look. Thanks for being so supportive and always so sweet. Much love <3