Scarves from Elizabeth Gillett

Dec 4th

Scarves are always a great alternative to upgrade a boring look and give life to a very simple outfit.  They are super easy to style and can be worn in a variety of ways. And since I got myself these two amazing scarves from Elizabeth Gillett, I wanted to share with you five simple ways on how I like to wear it: 1- Just hang it around your neck and let it fall naturally. 2- Wrap it around your neck and tuck in the ends. 3- Fold it in a triangle, tie the ends together and place it around your neck. 4- Hang it around your neck and give a single not in the front.  5- Use it as a vest. Just hang it around your neck and belt in the scarf around your waist. Pretty easy right?! Hope you like my tips and don’t forget to stop by Elizabeth Gillett for some beautiful scarves and find it here where to get them.