Natural Designs from Mirabilio

Aug 15th

When it comes to eco friendly and handmade products, I am all up for it. Not only they are super unique in a conscious way, but they also pass the message of making our world a little better. This week I received these two beautiful pieces from Mirabilio, a new jewelry line that specializes in individually handcrafted jewelry made from natural elements. My choices were, the one of a kind To The Core necklace, which has a beautiful dried and unopened lily pod pendant. And the adorable Head Over Heels bead for my dreadlocks. I also want to mention that in hopes of bringing back traditional craftsmanship work, Mirabilio created a Kickstarter Project to fight against the industry giants that have flooded the market with machine made parts that have unsustainable and unethical standards. So, if you agree with this way of thinking and you want to make a difference, please make sure you pledge to this wonderful campaign and help them reach their goal. Mother Nature thanks you 😉