Purple Haze mochila from Conkissta

Aug 27th

When I first  saw the Wayuu mochila, I fell in love with it and wanted one asap. These colorful beauties are a true work of art that the Wayuu tribe have perfected and has also become part of Colombia’s identity. But I wasn’t going to Colombia nor I knew anybody that could bring one from there…so I was very very happy when I came across Conkissta; a shop that is totally dedicated to mochilas! They have a big range of colors and gorgeous prints to chose from. Each bag is completely handmade and totally unique. I also love them because these bags are directly bought from the Wayuu hands, which helps supporting them by keeping their art alive. And to make us even happier Conkissta is giving us a 20% off discount code Z8PU2X7. Yayy!