Indian Headdress and Necklace from Novum Crafts

Jul 28th

My great-grandfather was a Brazilian Indian, so I do have Indian blood running through my veins, and I love it. I have such an  admiration and a passion for everything native. Their culture, their knowledge, their appreciation for mother nature and also their adornments. So, when I got these two gorgeous native pieces from Novum Crafts, I was jumping with joy. They are both super beautiful and full of colors. The Indian headdress that I chose is the Aqua 95cm and it is simply perfect. I also feel in love with this super colorful Yellow and Turquoise Necklace, which will bring happiness to any outfit. At Novum Crafts you will find not only headdresses, but also jewelry, dreamcatchers, bags and some amazing animal skull carvings.