I am back!

Sep 18th

Hello flowers!!

Sorry I was MIA around here, but if you follow me on Instagram @ForeverBoho I am sure that you already know what I was up to. First I was vacationing and road tripping around the stunning state of Oregon. And after returning home for only a few days… I had to run away from Hurricane Irma. So now that life is getting back on track, I am finally back blogging.

So talking about my trip to Oregon…. I seriously don’t even know how to describe everything that I have experienced in the 10 days that I was there… but I can start by saying that Oregon has won my heart and I am so thankful for all the beautiful places I got to go while there.  I started my trip at the Global Eclipse Gathering which was EPIC!! The gathering is a place where you can be yourself, play as a kid, dance like nobody’s watching, learn new things, and experience the most amazing feelings. And to top it all off we all had the privilege of watching the total solar eclipse which is another incredible thing to experience, and really hard to put into words. I am still dazed from it!

After 3 days at the gathering we hit the road and started our road trip through Oregon, stopping at some incredible waterfalls, making friends along the way, gazing at beautiful scenery, hanging by cliffs, hiking a lot, camping at a national forest and having the best time of our lives.

I will be posting all of my festival boho looks as well as some from the trip. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂