The Hippie Bohemian

Mar 1st

If you still haven’t checked all of the amazing stores that sponsor me (banners on the right), I would strongly encourage you to do so. And with that in mind, I want to talk about The Hippie Bohemian which is a store that carefully makes handcrafted and one of a kind pieces of jewelry using mostly organic materials. The designer has always been a free spirit, drawn to the hippie bohemian lifestyle, fashion and design. She is a self taught artist that has made this her full time job. As she said: “I strive to live a creative life, seeking inspiration through music I love and in my ever changing surroundings. I put everything I have into each detail of every piece because I believe that creating something beautifully unique is an uplifting experience for my customer.” So please make sure you visit her store and stop by their signature line of ROCKwear where they offer handmade replications of jewelry worn by the rock ‘n roll greats of the 60’s and 70’s including Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Robert Plant and more. Don’t see something you like, or you want to have something changed, they also accept custom orders.