Dreamweaver Kimono from Kapri Couture

Jan 16th

You guys probably know how much I love kimonos. They are so much fun to wear, super cute and they will always give a major boho vibe to pretty much any outfit. So, you can already imagine how happy I am with my new beautiful Dreamweaver Kimono from Kapri Couture. Not only this one has a gorgeous print and colors, but it’s also very comfortable and wow.. the fringes are simply amazing!  Love it!! At Kapri Couture you will find many more incredible prints and also the most adorable “mommy and me” bohemian line I’ve ever seen…..  and not to mention their gorgeous dreamcatchers. Looking at the little girls outfits really made me wish I had a daughter hahaha, all the pieces are so lovely. So you must definitely   visit Kapri Couture and get something  beautiful for you and your little one too!