Boho Look: Lightning in a Bottle, Day 1

May 30th

Just came back from LIB and wow, what an incredible time I had! It’s hard to put into words what festivals like this are, but I can easily say that it does bring out the best in people. The vibes are so positive and you can feel it, the music is the best and you are free to dance as much as you want. The art is unbelievable, I am so thankful for each artist that put their time and effort on making amazing pieces so we can appreciate it. Also the awesome workshops, great food and obviously the happy people that attend the festival, bringing their beautiful smiles, colorful outfits and friendly vibes. So, if you want to see a little bit more about Lightning in a Bottle, visit my Instagram @foreverboho and watch my highlighted stories. And here is my boho look on day one.

Crystal Necklace / 3rd Chakra

Kimono/ Hippie Massa

Boots / Vintage