Boho Groove Designs

Nov 20th

I am so happy to introduce our newest sponsor, Boho Groove Designs. They are a boho/gypsy inspired  jewelry and home decor store, where every piece is handmade by self taught artist Kris Braunecker. What I like the most about Boho Groove,  is the free-spirited energy and uniqueness of each piece. As Kris said “I put everything I have into each detail of every piece, because I believe that creating something beautifully unique is an uplifting experience for my customer”. So, with that in mind, please visit Boho Groove Designs and choose the pieces that speaks directly to you. Here are some of my favorites:


  1. With the purchase of $10 or more choose from a selection of free gifts!
  2. Purchase 3 items and get FREE shipping and handling by using the coupon code: HOLIDAYSH.
  3.  Purchase 2 items,  and use the coupon code: HOLIDAY13 for 13% off your order.