5 Travel Destinations to Embrace Your Inner Hippie

Jul 6th

Even though few of the original hippies are still out there jetting around to far corners of the earth, children and grandchildren of the flower power generation (Boomers!) are joining the trend to get in touch with their inner hippie. Whether you are a retiree who never had time to pursue the hippy lifestyle or a college grad looking to absorb the mystique from days gone by, here are five travel destinations that can help you to embrace your inner hippie.

1. The Himalayas, Nepal

Anyone who remembers the days of Ravi Shankar and George Harrison knows just how significant the Himalayas and Nepal were to the hippy movement back in the day. Whilst everyone thought it was India that created such an impact on the Eastern mystical side of the movement, the philosophy actually originated in Nepal with the Buddhist monks. Yes, Hinduism did have an impact but the ‘peace, love and understanding’ prevalent in the day was courtesy of Buddhism!


2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over the years so many stories about Amsterdam surfaced that it was hard to tell what was true and which stories were manufactured in a self-imposed fantasy world. Everything from opium dens to street vendors selling magic mushrooms were said to be part of the hippy lifestyle in Amsterdam but, of course, none of that was true. Even so, a trip to Amsterdam is still fashionable and those embracing the hippy mindset still flock there by the thousands. If you are getting ready for a summer jaunt to Amsterdam, make sure to carry your belongings in high quality luggage instead of military backpacks that were stylish in the 60s. To find retro luggage that is trending today, click here.


3. Eugene, Oregon

Eugene was, and still is today, a college town in North Central Oregon and a hot bed of hippy culture. The state has recently legalized cannabis and so residents of Oregon are still in the forefront of promoting an alternative lifestyle. Don’t be surprised to find girls in long, flowing cotton skirts, everyone in tie-dyed t-shirts and flowers adorning the heads (over the ear!) of women of all ages. This is where they will say ‘far out’ and ‘cool’ before they will say ‘that’s great’ or ‘wonderful.’


4. San Francisco, California

What needs to be said about San Francisco? With Haight Ashbury cashing in on the flower power days of the city’s own Jefferson Airplane and the early days of the Grateful Dead, there are no lack of hippies living and visiting the city to end all cities when it comes to hippy history. In fact, there is even a hippie house being preserved as a vital part of American history! Looking to embrace a hippy lifestyle? Go to Frisco to get in touch with the inner you.


5. Acapulco, Mexico

Back in the day when counter-culture made its debut as a means to hit back at the ‘establishment,’ Mexico was not thought of in the same way it is today. Back then, the counterculture saw Mexico as the home of Acapulco. Why is this so relevant to embracing the hippy lifestyle? Acapulco Gold, of course! Hippies claimed this strain of cannabis to be the ultimate in strains and was coveted above all else except of course maybe those strains that came from Afghanistan.


So then, if you are intent on travelling to the top 5 destinations to help you embrace your inner hippie, these would be the places to start. They set the trend way back when and are still going strong in a world where counterculture has become the new culture. Everywhere else pales in comparison as you’ll soon see. Enjoy your trip!

Photos: Reproduction