10 questions about my dreadlocks

Jan 15th

Hi flowers!

so today I made this video to answers some questions about my dreadlocks. Today they turned 6 months and I am extremely happy with my them. So here are the 10 most asked questions that I get. Please forgive me because I totally skipped question number 8.

1- Do you wash your dreads ?

2- What if you get tired of your dreads, do you have to cut your hair ?

3- Which technique did you use to make your dreadlocks?

4-  How long it took you to make your dreads ?

5-  Have ever felt discriminated because of your dreadlocks?

6- How do you take care of your locks?

7- Where do you buy your dread beads?

8-  !!! Totally skipped this question! Sorry guys!!

9- Did you ever dyed your hair?

10 – Does the rest of your hair gets tangled with your dreads?



So,  I hope you like this video and please let me know if you have anymore questions. Thank you so much for watching.

Necklace/ 3rd Chakra

Bracelets left to right/ SeriMarea;  Frost and Dew 526 ; Boho Gypsy Love and Chains by Lauren