Met Gala 2010: Best Dressed

May 4th

Hello flowers! Sorry for the lack of post, but I was really busy this weekend 😡

Did anybody had a chance to watch the Met Costume Institute Gala 2010?? Unfortunately I totally forgot about it (shame on me) 🙁  But, thanks to the paparazzi’s we can take a look at the gorgeous celebs that attended this red carpet event. Actually, I was very impressed by their good choices, so many beautiful dresses that it was hard for me to choose only 10, but I did, and I hope you like them as well. The hit of the night was definitely the sequins dresses, but I also loved the ones that were very simple and elegant. I already said before, that I am not a fan of princess ball gowns, but somehow they managed to be in my fav 10 list.  So, let me know if you liked my choices and if you have any other favorite that it’s not here.


Olá flores! Desculpem a falta de post, mas eu estava muito ocupado este fim de semana 😡

Alguém teve a chance de ver o Met Costume Institute Gala 2010?? Infelizmente eu esqueci completamente sobre isso (vergonha de mim) 🙁 Mas, graças aos paparazzi, podemos dar um olhada nas maravilhosas celebs que participaram deste red carpet evento. Na verdade, fiquei muito impressionada com as suas boas escolhas , tantos vestidos bonitos que foi difícil para mim escolher apenas 10, mas escolhi, e espero que você também goste. O hit da noite foi sem dúvida os vestidos de paetê, mas eu também amei os que eram bem simples e elegante. Como eu já disse antes, não sou fã de vestidos de princesa, mas de alguma forma eles conseguiram estar na minha lista fav 10. Então, deixe-me saber se você gostou de minhas escolhas e se você tem qualquer outro favorito que não está aqui.

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  • I agree with your choices definitely. My favorites among these are lovely Richie and Sarah J. Parker.

  • I loved Emma Watson and Nicole Richie. Some were too much! I would have loved Sienna´s if it hadn´t been shorter in the front. But she is always gorgeous! 😉

  • Lol i just did a post on my faves too, I guess a lot of blogs probably did! I was just thinking how boring it was but these looks that you posted are definetly the best ones!