Gypsied Giveaway

Jun 3rd

Hello flowers!!

To start our week in a happy mood, I am here to announce a giveaway! Yayy 😀 This time I’ve partner up with Gypsied to bring you guys the chance to win two beautiful turbands of your choice.  I have already introduced you to this brand before, but if you missed here’s a little bit about them: Gypsied creates turbands and accessories that embody the characteristics of the free spirit— bold, joyous, carefree and lighthearted. With a compelling eye for  timelessness,  and valuing craftsmanship,     they create fun and fresh accessories that  will compliment your style for many fashion seasons to come.

Here’s all you gotta do to enter the giveaway:

  1. Visit Gypsied. Then leave me a comment telling me your favorite piece from both the Classic and the Urban Turban collections.
  2. Also remember to like their facebook page.
  3. And like my facebook page.
*Giveaway will run ’till next Monday June 10th and it’s open to all. Good luck flowers!!

  • Mercedes

    Favourite Classic Turban: Coral Splash Turban Headband
    Favourite Urban Turban: Spring Peach Urban Turban

  • Rebecca Berttoty

    Classic: Deep Teal Turban Headband
    Urban: Spring Peach Urban Turban

    love and light <3

  • I love the gipsy wild berry from the urban and the nude turban from classic collection! 🙂

  • Jessica Moraes

    I love the Nude Turban headband form the Classic it’s gunna go with everything, and the Wild Berry Urban Turban from the Urban Collection

  • favorite urban: Rockabilly Black Urban Turban
    favorite classic: Coral Splash Turban Headband

  • Dianna

    Favorite Urban: Light urban grey
    Favorite Classic: Coral splash

  • Allison

    I love the black from the classic and the purple from the urban collection!

  • Melissa Stephens

    This would be an awesome birthday… My favorite Classic is : Fresh Mint Turban Headband My Favorite Urban is :Aqua Urban Turban Thank you so much!!!

  • Lorenna

    Love it!
    My favorites are Aqua turband and Wildberry.

  • MaggieMole

    Hi boho queen. I like the teal and the peach headbands. Love your blog

  • Favorite Classic~ Black Turban Headband~*
    Favorite Urban~ Light Grey Urban Turban~*

  • Thanks everyone for taking part! Please keep your comments coming in!

  • Elle Robin

    Love the black in the classic and the spring peach in the urban.
    Everything on your site is cool

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  • i love the peach turban headband from classic collection and the aqua urban turban from urban collection

  • Jenny Griffin

    I adore the spring peach urban turban headband and I also love the classic vanilla turban headband. Such sweet simple colors.. great product, just ordered the taupe one. Good luck to all!

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