I’m a free spirited bohemian who loves : flowers, vintage, chocolate, the moon, owls, fashion, 60’s n 70’s, traveling, hippies,  long and messy hair, sweets and the beach.

For me the essential is to never forget your own style and mix it up with the latest trends to create a look that will be unique.  Here, I talk about boho fashion, beauty, hippies & gypsies, and a little bit about my bohemian life. Hope you like it!

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  • Gabie

    Hey Gabs! Love the blog..keep up the good work! Cute trends 🙂

  • Thanks girl!! Glad you like it =)

  • Carol MDF lol

    Cute 😉

  • elaine

    I was beiginning to think that perhaps I was the only person left who still really loved the beautiful things and this way of life. So good to know im noy by myself x

  • Mom

    I lov u, vc e d+++. to adorando acompanhar seus comentarios e ver como vc se dedica em buscar sempre algo novo pra nos deixar atentos com a moda, e que por sinal nao e nada facil!!!
    Me sinto muito orgulhosa de vc, alem de linda d+ um anjo de pessoa, te amo, continue assim, nesse empenho e nessa dedicacao.

  • Sonia

    Finally!! A website dedicated to hippie style. My new favourite go to site, thanks so much for posting!! <3

  • love love love your site. I just started mine and I was wondering if I could pick your brain for some pointers?

  • OMG!!! I’m so glad I came cross this site! I’m 12 years old and hoping to be a fashion designer and the style I want to be based on boho/ boho-chic styles. Thanks!

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    Much love and light,

    Lauren @ Billy Sky Vintage

  • I really like your page and your style, I love to find others doing their own thing online. Keep it up 🙂

  • Penny Kokkali


  • You have an AMAZING blog… I love the entire aesthetic and your point of view on fashion, trends & style! Simply awesome…


  • We want to do a giveaway with you.. can you send me a messaeg on Etsy? (I check that most often) , thanks! Peace & Love Kat